Service Skills

I witnessed a clear example of this in a very smart London restaurant only last week. A table ordered a bottle of red Sancerre and the waiter approached the table, presented the wine and then attempted to open the bottle of wine with a waiter’s friend. Sadly he only inserted the corkscrew half of the way into the cork and as he went to pull the cork out it broke off leaving half the cork in the bottle. Certainly an embarrassing situation for the waiter, only made worse by the fact that he replaced the bottle from the bar only to do exactly the same thing again. This time, instead of replacing the bottle, he attempted to insert the corkscrew into the remaining cork and ended up pushing the cork into the bottle.All in all, a very embarrassing situation that would never have happened if some simple training had been carried out. Sometimes the best training programs cover the basics.

At Harris Restaurant Consultants, training programs are created on a bespoke basis for our clients’ needs. For information on training courses available, please contact Mark Harris on +44 (0) 7930 474 47

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